Digital Farming

Vegetation indices reflect the condition of agricultural crops. These indices may be different for different types of crops.  The most used vegetation index is the normalised vegetation index, the so-called NDVI. For its calculation, the amount of reflected energy is the red and infrared spectrum.
Check the example below for soil moisture detection:

Satellite Imagery

Your field is visible even from space. From meter to centimeter resolution, the satellite imagery provide the users with up-to-date spectral information.

Image Processing

We can process satellite data over your field using contemporary machine learning techniques.

Field Data

In-situ measurements will increase any geospatial model for better land management.

Burnt Area Detection

Mapping burnt area is a classical remote sensing task. You can easily detect any burnt area and predict future actions. Check out our example of a large burnt area near Šibenik, Croatia during 2021.

Rice Monitoring

Did you know that only a few European countries cultivate rice? And Bulgaria is one of them. Rice can be monitored from space during its cultivation perido.
Check out our example from Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


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