About us:

MAP.ING comes from ‘mapping’ or ‘ map engineering’. The company was established in 2018 and focuses on geodetic measurements, cartography, and photogrammetry. Our team consists of specialists in the fields of geodesy and geoinformatics. We are enthusiasts of open-source and open data and we apply this passion to our services.

Our project AquaLab won the German Aerospace Agency Challenge at the Copernicus Masters competition. The project is entirely focused on Bulgaria and the multitemporal monitoring of surface water bodies using earth observation data from satellites.

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email: info@map-ing.com
tel: +359 877846278


Our Bulgarian team consists of researchers, geodetic engineers and IT specialists.

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company: MAP.ING Ltd.
address: 1A Ilinden Str, Vratsa, Bulgaria
VAT: BG205314672

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